Garden Mulch


Coloured mulch is out of stock at the moment, but we still have natural stuff.


Landscaping just got a little brighter!

mulch mulch2

Coloured wood chip garden mulch is untreated pine & recycled pallets chipped and infused with a non toxic environmentally friendly dye to produce pleasant decorative garden mulch. Good looking and functional.

Decorative garden mulch still functions like other mulch, stops excessive moisture evaporation in the summer and wraps the ground up in a blanket in the winter but looks great.

Available in 3 great colours, Black, Vivid Red and Chocolate Brown.

For a closer inspection visit our yard and check out our product.

$65 per cubic meter delivered local, min delivery 3 cubic meters

Or if you pick it up $30 per loader bucket approx 0.4m3.


We also have plain natural mulch which is $45 per cubic meter delivered local or $20 per loader bucket if picked up.