Payment is required on delivery. We accept cash, and Eftpos (please indicate if you need the Eftpos machine). You can also do internet banking but funds MUST be cleared PRIOR to delivery. A GST invoice will be issued at the time of delivery.

Cheques will no longer be excepted.

All truck loads are sold as a THROWN measure.

If your wood shed is empty fill it up, don’t wait until winter or your options become less . With the freshly split green/wet wood people call us in March, April and May and ask us if we think it will be dry in time for winter the short answer is (probably not). We urge people to get this wood in as early as possible so it is dry before winter, we can’t express this enough.

Dry firewood is more expensive to buy, and we only have it until the supply runs out.

Pine Blocks are subject to availability. Don’t wait till it gets cold to order your pine blocks or you could be in for quite a wait, it can get up to 10 to 17 weeks.

Price list from 1 July 2022 – Present

 If you are wanting dry wood we do have some in the shed here available for pick up (subject to availability) so bring in your ute, trailer or load up your boot and get stocked up while we still have some dry wood available. Be in quick, don’t miss out!!

Dried Pine Blocks

Yes we can do delivery’s but don’t expect it the same day, it is subject to availability.

Don’t forget to add the appropriate delivery charge (bottom of page)

  • Full load 7m³ $ 420
  • Half load 3.5m³ $245

Fresh Split Gum / Green

Don’t forget to add the appropriate delivery charge (bottom of page)

  • Full load 6m³ $660
  • Half load 3.5m³ $405
  • Full load 7m Gum/Pine Blocks $595
  • Half load 3.5 Gum/Pine Blocks $318

Fresh Split Mac / Green

Don’t forget to add the appropriate delivery charge (bottom of page)

  • Full load 7m³ $700
  • Half load 3.5m³ $370
  • Full load 7m³ Mac / Split Pine $630
  • Half load 3.5m³ Mac / Split pine $335
  • Full load 7m³ Mac / Gum $735
  • Half load 3.5m³ Mac / Gum $385
  • Full load 7m Mac/ Pine Blocks $595
  • Half load 3.5m Mac/Pine Blocks $300

Fresh Split Pine / Green

Don’t forget to add the appropriate delivery charge (bottom of page)

Split Pine we do have

  • Full load 7m³ $560
  • Half load 3.5m³ $300
  • Full load 7m Split Pine / Pine Blocks $490
  • Half load 3.5 Split Pine / Pine Blocks $265
  • Full load 7m³ Split Pine / Gum $665
  • Half load 3.5m³ Split Pine / Gum $350

Dry Split Pine is $115 per m³

Dry split pine is subject to availability we will not always have it.

No dry split pine for delivery at the moment it is still drying, we do have a bit in the shed for pickup.

So times $115 by the number of cubes you want, 2 cube min 8 cube max, and don’t forget to add the delivery. (bottom of page)

Below Are items to be picked up from the yard

To avoid any confusion a scoop is an average car boot load (approx. 0.4m³)

Scoops can ether be put into one of our trolleys so you can load it into your car, or a scoop can be put onto a trailer, Ute or small truck.

  • Pine Blocks Small $15 a Scoop
  • Pine Blocks Medium $25 a Scoop
  • Pine Blocks Large $30 a Scoop
  • Shed stored Split Pine (dry) $45 a Scoop
  • Outside Split Pine (green) $35 a Scoop
  • Outside Split Mac (green) $40 a Scoop
  • Outside Split Gum (green) $45 a Scoop
  • Bagged Small Pine Blocks $10.00 per bag
  • Bagged Large Blocks $15.00 per bag
  • Bagged split Pine (dry) $ 20.00 per bag
  • Bagged Gum (dry) $20.00 per bag
  • Kindling $10.00 per bag
  • Fire Lighters $5.50 per box
  • Extra long matches $3.90 per box
  • Coal 25kg bag $24.00 or $960 a ton=40 bags
  • Forging Coal 25kg bag $40

Delivery Charges

  • Patea $140.00
  • Opunake, Manaia, Hawera, Mokau $100.00
  • Rahotu, Kaponga, Pungarehu, Eltham, Toko $80.00
  • Okato, Stratford, Uruti, Midhirst, Waipuku $70.00
  • Oakura, Urenui, Onaero, Tarata $50.00
  • Local $20

Prices are subject to change without notice.